Don’t Give Him the Porsche Keys- And 5 More Ways to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Parents of teenage boys often dread the day that their sons get their drivers licenses. Many teenagers cannot wait to get behind the wheel of their parents’ cars and take off with their friends. However, statistics continue to show that many teenage car accidents are caused by overzealous young men who love to drive fast and without proper caution. When you want to protect your son from wrecking your car, you are encouraged to take several precautions into mind.

Avoid Buying Your Son a Hotrod

Statistics show that young men who are given hotrod cars by their parents often engage in reckless driving. Boys know what their fast cars are capable of and want to show off for their friends. They believe that their muscle cars should are an extension of themselves as they drive fast and avoid using safe driving skills. If you want to protect your son from being in an accident, you are encouraged to buy your son an older vehicle. A four-door sedan or even an older station wagon can keep your son’s fast driving impulses in check.

Insist on Driver’s Education

Your son may believe that he knows enough about driving that he does not need to take a driver’s education class. As his parent, you should insist on his taking the class so that he understands the risks that are involved with driving and what precautions he should take to maintain his safety.

Many driver’s education classes include presentations by highway patrol officers who teach students about accident prevention, drinking and driving consequences, and road conditions that could cause wrecks. Even if your son does not want to take the class at first, he will absorb important knowledge that will help him be a safe driver.

Another good idea is to educate your teen on what he or she should do in case of an accident. As one West Palm Beach auto accident lawyer advises, tell him to start by getting medical attention for injured, get the other driver’s information, and never accept blame or apologize for the accident.

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Have Consequences for Unsafe Driving

Before handing over the keys to your car, you and your teenager should make a mutual agreement that indicates a punishment should he engage in dangerous driving. For example, if he forgets to wear his seatbelt, he might lose his driving privilege for two days. If he speeds, he loses the ability to drive. For each infraction, your stipulated consequences can escalate in severity so that he understands what he risks when he drives recklessly. Having consequences in place can encourage your son to drive safely.

Pre-Approve Driving Locations

You can ensure his safe driving if you approve beforehand a list of places to which he can drive with your consent. These places could include his school, place of work, or relatives’ houses. If he drives elsewhere without your knowledge or consent, your son may lose his driving privileges.

Stipulate What Friends Can Ride Along

As his parent, you have the right to stipulate what friends your son can have in the car with him. You may choose his friends whom you trust and whose parents with whom you are on a first-name basis. This stipulation halts any friends who lack maturity and forethought from riding with your son.

Putting precautions in place can help your son make good driving decisions. You can follow several key suggestions that may help you govern your son’s driving privileges and guide him as he learns to be a safe driver.

Midnight Walker writes about education, law and driver safety. As a mother of a teenage boy, she is passionate about keeping teens safe on the road. Steinger, Iscoe & Green, a West Palm Beach auto accident lawyer, will help those in an accident to recover lost wages and medical expenses.

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