Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bills

Cheap electricity.  It sounds like a myth; however, there are ways to attain it.  Nobody wishes to spend any more than they need to for their utility bills and there are ways around those high costs.  One of the best ways to achieve lower electricity bills is to switch to a company that offers cheaper electricity.  Of course, this is only possible if you reside in a state that has deregulated energy policies.  Some other alternatives are below.

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De-regulated Energy Policies

Okay this is only available in the US but if you reside in a state that offers deregulated energy policies, the main electric companies are no longer permitted to monopolise the market.  This means that lower priced, independent electric companies are permitted to sell electricity and gas at a lower price to all individuals that choose to change providers.  States that have deregulated electricity sales give residents the opportunity to choose which electric provider they would like to have servicing their account.  This often adds up to much lower power bills.

Unfortunately, not all states have implemented deregulation policies.  This amounts to having to choose whatever provider is available in your area and having to pay the price that they command.  So how do you find cheaper electricity if you live within one of these states?  It doesn’t matter where you reside; there are ways that you can lower your energy consumption, and therefore your energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

One way that you can save on your energy bills is by changing all of your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, such as fluorescents or LEDs.  It may not sound like this will lower your monthly bills; but, this alone will reveal a difference in the amount that you pay each month.

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If your home is heated or cooled electrically, you will see your energy bills skyrocket.  When you turn the heat or the air conditioner down just a few degrees, you will notice about a fifteen percent drop in your energy bills.

Your refrigerator is an appliance that must stay on all the time, meaning lots of energy consumption.  If you raise the fridge’s thermostat just a little, it will keep the fridge colder, meaning less energy consumption because it will not have to come on as often to keep your food at a constant temperature.

One great way to lower the costs of your energy consumption is to change over to solar power.  It may seem as though it will cost a lot of money for the initial implementation, but solar power will pay for itself over time.

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Turn Electronic Devices Off – Don’t Opt for Standby Mode

Almost everyone has some form of computer today, whether it is a laptop or a desktop.  Many of these same people, especially desktop owners, leave their computers on twenty four hours per day.  Not only does this pose security risks for your PC, especially if you are connected to an always-on internet connection; but, it also is eating up energy that you do not need.  Printers, as well, are energy hogs.  Do not keep your printer on unless it is required.  It is estimated that around six percent of all of your energy consumption is due to your computer and other electronic devices.

Who knew that lowering your power bill and obtaining cheap electricity could be so easy?  And just think of all the money you could save just by implementing these simple tips.

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