Eliminator Football Challenge Ends – It’s a Tie!

Update – Thanks to all who participated for a chance to win our $1000 grand prize and our $500 referral bonus in the SpendOnLife Eliminator Challenge. Two players made their way to the top spot and will be splitting the winnings. They are as follows:
* spierso – Referred by Google
* heelsman – Referred by Bankrollsports.com

Think you can pick a winning football team each week? Don’t want to pony up cash to join your friend’s Fantasy Football League? Or maybe you know nothing about football but just want to randomly make picks for your chance to win $1000.

That’s right – SpendOnLife.com is hosting an Eliminator Challenge open to everyone, no entry fee required. He or she who ranks the highest at the end of the season wins $1000. So what’s the catch? Nada. Just follow the steps below to sign up, and then root on your picks each week.

So how can you get in on the action?

It’s easy, just follow these steps below for your chance at $1000:

Step 1: Register a username at ESPN.com if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Join our group, SpendOnLife using the password creditcard1. Only one entry allowed per person.

Step 3: The rules of the Eliminator Challenge are simple: Predict one winning team each week from all regularly scheduled NFL games. You can’t pick the same team to win twice during the season. So choose wisely! There’s no point spread, you’re simply picking winners. Participants will be ranked according to ESPN’s point system (not SpendOnLife.com).

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Step 4: To be eligible for the prize money, you must post a comment below that includes the following information:

  • Your ESPN username
  • How you heard about our Eliminator Challenge
  • Enter your e-mail address in the e-mail field of the comments section. (To protect your privacy, don’t include your e-mail address in the comment itself). We will contact the winner via e-mail.
  • Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t post right away. We’re screening comments, but yours should be up within 24 hours. No need to make multiple comments.

$1000 will be given to the winner according to the ESPNĀ rankings. (Prize money will be split, in the case of a tie). It’s like the lottery, except way cooler because it’s free and involves football.

$500 Referral Bonus

A $500 referral bonus will be given to the website or person that referred the winning player. This bonus prize is determined by the information given by the player in the comment field below at the time of entry. The more people you refer, the better your chance at the cash!

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