Expat Insurance – Admitted Or Non-Admitted Policy?

When it comes to finding and choosing an international health insurance policy, many potential expats deciding on whether to begin working overseas have met an increasing number of regulatory hurdles, including the required level of protection found in certain countries.  One of the most important considerations when choosing an international health policy is to discover if the policy is provided through an admitted or non-admitted policy and it’s important to know the difference.

The difference essentially means that an admitted policy is one that has been provided by a seller that has been licensed by the State directly, or has been given permission to sell it through a partner where an admitted policy has been developed in unison.  A non-admitted policy will not have been approved by the State specifically and may not tie in with local laws.

Industry experts believe that although an admitted policy provides it with some kind of ‘stamp of authority’, it is not, and should not, be a signal to the quality of the policy.  Another difference between the two types of policies is the way that claims are made and paid something that could be very important for expats across the globe.

The main thing to make sure of when choosing an international health policy is to confirm that the territory is covered and medical bills will be paid for in case of an emergency.  The majority of the time, non-admitted policies can be used just as easily as their admitted counterparts.  There have always been certain countries where the regulations in place make it very difficult for a person to buy an international health plan, such as Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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There was a big shake up for the international industry in 2007 when Abu Dhabi declared that from then on, all expats were required to have compliant medical insurance plans by law and became the first expat ‘hotspot’ to enforce this.  The way in which policies are laid out can of course vary significantly by county and territory, where companies and employees at a personal level can be fined for not having a non-admitted insurance plan.

Inconsistencies in the ways that that polices can be used or not across various countries makes it important for anyone wishing to work overseas to seek out professional, regulated and independent advice regarding their international insurance.  Non-admitted policies are of huge importance now to a company or anyone looking at working overseas on a contract basis, especially those looking to crack the huge opportunities available in new economies like Russia and China.

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