Facebook Migration from Profile to Page

Facebook has introduced a new way to migrate a Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page. However, you should note that this concept is designed specifically for businesses, and individual users should not take on this transformation. As most users are aware, Facebook limits each Profile to 5,000 friends. While that sounds like a reasonable limitation for the average person, it is extremely limiting for a business. With a Page, a business can have an unlimited number of friends like the Page. Many small businesses or celebrities have become overwhelmed by the large number of Facebook friends who are actually fans of their business, rather than personal friends or even acquaintances. However, as any savvy business person knows, it would be professional suicide to delete their fans and followers. Thus, Facebook has attempted to appease its users by offering an option where they can migrate their Profile to a Page. This enables businesses to utilize Facebook in its marketing campaigns, and also permits the individual user to go back to maintaining a personal Profile with a manageable number of friends.

Although at first glance this seems like a logical solution, like all great ideas, this one isn’t without its flaws. Initially, and Facebook does give this disclaimer, all of your content from your Profile is lost. Only friends are carried over. Similarly, all of your photos, wall posts and comments disappear. Further, any applications associated with the Profile lose that connection. In addition, and this is an important one, you may lose your existing, custom URL in the process. For many companies, this would be a nightmare.   If you lose your URL and user name, this means that all of your other social media sites that are linked to your old Profile lose that connection. You must go to each site separately and manually redirect the links.

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Notwithstanding these technical snafus, this migration may be the most pliable option for a business on Facebook. However, you should do some careful research and investigation before taking on this most difficult task that begins with just one click of a button. For starters, read Converting your profile into a Page and pay special attention to question two that warns you to be sure to save any important content before beginning migration. Also, review the query on the same page on How can I download my profile information before converting my profile to a Page?. Finally, be sure to protect the content on your existing profile by carefully studying the Download your information option in Account Settings before even considering a migration.

While this seems like a painstaking journey for any business, it is nothing more than another obstacle in the professional world to maintaining existing clients while opening your door to an unlimited number of new clients. Therefore, let the migration begin…just remember to proceed with caution.

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