Filing a Claim for Damages After a Car Accident in Charlotte

Most automobile accidents are adjudicated in a similar fashion. The law of vehicular control normally governs all aspects of the accident reconstruction in terms of fault and negligence. Many times the injured party filing a claim may also have extenuating claims in addition to the normal property damage and medical bill compensation associated with an auto accident. When handling a case that may involve long-term damage and punitive assessment for negligence, it might be a good idea to hire someone close, whether a California attorney or a car accident lawyer Charlotte-based.

Importance of Retaining Local Counsel

Although not always necessary, retaining an attorney in the jurisdiction of an accident can be important. Accidents involving multiple vehicles or large trucks can be very complicated to sort out, and settlement can require the necessity to communicate between injured parties and legal counsels, along with police departments. All accidents will have an official report prepared by local law enforcement and accident reconstruction specialists. This is not always the rule, but in larger communities it helps when attorneys actually know who will be settling the issue. Your attorney’s professional reputation can impact how vigorously a claim is defended.

Compensatory Damages for Responsibility

Compensatory damages are actual financially recoverable claims that can be calculated in certain amounts. They include property damage to the vehicle and expenses associated with transportation or housing as a result of the accident. They can also include lost income due to missed work. Medical bills are also considered as compensatory claims and can include an amount of pain and suffering or mental anguish, but still fall short of being punitive.

Punitive Damages for Negligence

Punitive damages are awarded in cases of egregious negligence on the part of the driver at fault. It is important to remember that fault can be assessed to multiple parties and claims can be maximized with several respondents. This normally takes an experienced attorney with a track record in successful punitive damage awards. Municipalities like Charlotte are hubs of industry and commercial transportation and hazardous driving situations occur constantly.

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Determining Punitive Damage Requests

Punitive damage awards will obviously be handed out in congested traffic accidents because of the sheer number of very serious accidents involving negligence due to delivery timetables or similar reasons. Speeding occurs regularly across the nation and is considered negligence in an auto accident. It can also constitute violated responsibility and duty of care. Punitive damages are usually comparative to other similar cases, but each accident is generally unique in some detail. Experienced accident attorneys have access to a significant database as a guide for determining what level to request for a particular claim. It will take an attorney to settle a case for more than typical compensatory damages and insurance companies are only liable for the maximum on the respondent’s auto policy.
Documentation is crucial when requesting compensatory damages, and hiring local counsel can expedite the claim process. This can be very important to an injured party with significant time-related issues to an accident claim. While insurance companies often attempt to wait a claimant out as a negotiation tactic, a solid accident attorney will fight this process for a client needing quick action and will make the stalling tactic part of the court record for punitive damages.

Valerie Stout Cyrus, a former resident of Charlotte, submits this article on behalf of individuals who may be eligible for compensatory and punitive damages due to a car accident. In order to process these types of claims your best option is to hire a car accident lawyer Charlotte-based who can file your claim in a timely manner.

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