Finding the Right Attorney for Your DUI Appeal

A DUI or DWI conviction (as it is called in New York State) can be a devastating event. In addition to facing possible jail time, being convicted of a DUI or DWI means a permanent criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life, the loss of driving privileges, expensive fines and penalties, higher insurance premiums and other unpleasant circumstances. Some people convicted of a DUI are even required to install a special device in their vehicles that requires them to blow into it before they are allowed to drive. If there is a chance for you to appeal your case in hopes of reducing or eradicating charges, finding a capable attorney is paramount.

Appealing Your Conviction

If you or a loved one have been convicted of a DUI or DWI, it is important to remember that despite the overwhelming experience, you may still have several legal options. Many individuals choose to appeal their DUI/DWI convictions, but in order to do this successfully, it requires a clear understanding of the law and expert knowledge of courtroom procedures.

It is not advisable that you undertake the appeals process on your own. You could end up losing your court case as well as expending valuable time, energy and money, without a positive outcome. The legal firm of Thomas D. Trbovich recommends recruiting a lawyer who is skilled in defense with an approach that is thorough, aggressive and results-oriented.

How a Lawyer May Be Able to Help

If you are interested in appealing your DUI/DWI conviction in New York State, for example, a Buffalo DWI lawyer may be able to help. A law firm that specializes in criminal defense can assist you with virtually every aspect of the appeals process, and sometimes, an experienced legal team will be able to have DUI/DWI convictions overturned. An overturned conviction means freedom, reinstatement of driving privileges, repayment of any fines or penalties and no permanent criminal record.

What a Good DWI Lawyer Can Do for You

One of the most important reasons to partner with a Buffalo DWI attorney, or one in your area, is that they will be able to investigate every aspect of your case in order to ensure that you were given fair treatment. This means investigating the paperwork and procedures used to convict you, the methods used during your arrest, as well as specific laws pertaining to your case. This is especially beneficial if you are serving time in jail as a result of your conviction, as you may not have the time or resources to research materials to adequately handle the appeals process.

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Finding the Right Lawyer

If you choose to partner with a DWI lawyer to appeal your conviction, you will want to find one who has experience with appellate courts and cases. The appeals process is often very different than in a courtroom trial situation. Your lawyer will need to have a firm understanding of the appeals process in order to present your case and all of its evidence before an appeals court. It is also imperative to find a lawyer who can meet with you personally to discuss the details of your case, even if you are incarcerated. Communication is one of the most important aspects of any attorney-client relationship and this becomes even more significant when appealing a DUI/DWI conviction.

If you or a loved one is considering appealing your DUI/DWI conviction, it is important to know that your time to do so may be limited. In many areas, the timeframe for appealing a DUI/DWI conviction may be as short as 20 days or less. So, if you are seeking a capable DWI attorney in your area, the time to act is immediately. One of the best places to seek a lawyer to help with the appeals process is via the Internet, but you may also be able to receive recommendations from family, friends or other lawyers and legal professionals near you.

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