Fireworks & Safety: 10 Tips to Help You Enjoy a Safe 4th of July with the Family

Fourth of July is a time to celebrate. For most of us, the most popular way of celebrating is the age old tradition of shooting off fireworks with our family and friends and looking up into the night sky at the bursting colors.

If you have kids, you have probably experienced the “let me light one” plea that comes from your child as the night festivities begin. We all know the response should be no, regardless of how much the child begs. I encourage you to stick to your guns this 4th of July. Let the kids enjoy the show from a distance. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the show knowing your children are safe.

Speaking of safe, here are 10 fireworks safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Independence Day, so you can enjoy the night.

    1. Directions – follow them – this is probably the most obvious one.
    2. City’s code – know whether fireworks are permitted and what types of fireworks are & are not allowed where you live.
    3. Stay outdoors – fireworks should never be set off inside.
    4. Do not reignite – never attempt to relight a “dud.”
    5. Water – one of the most important tips – keep a bucket of water around…just in case.
    6. No Kids – as stated above, do not let children light fireworks.
    7. No Glass/Metal – do not shoot fireworks out of metal or glass containers.
    8. Throwing – never throw fireworks at another person. (When my husband was a teenager, he and his friends would have bottle rocket fights – I would not recommend this).
    9. One at a time – do not light multiple fireworks.
    10. Cool & Dry – store fireworks somewhere that is cool and dry.
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