Forex Sites You Absolutely Have To Try

Considering how one goes about learning the foreign currency exchange market forex sites offer invaluable educational resources for those beginning to enter this $2 trillion industry. The lack of formal education means that most of us will need to be self-taught but in this information age it’s not always practical to track down physical books as they’re out of date before they’re even published for the most part. The most dynamic way of self-teaching happens to be learning off of online forex sites but another problem with the information age is the quantity of information available can drown us; I’ve compiled a short list of the sites essential to your learning.


The first is quite possibly the most all-encompassing site for all your forex needs; Investopedia is for the most part a financial website but they dedicate an entire section to the forex market. You’ll find all manner of information on this user-friendly site including investing tips, personal finance, tutorials and of course, forex resources. This may be the overall best of our forex sites list because it caters to beginners and veterans alike; splitting articles into sections that are relevant to your experience. You can expect sections dedicated to glossaries and even up to date market statistics which makes this an essential addition to our list of forex sites.

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Forex Factory

If you’re looking for something perhaps a bit more specific to forex in terms of interaction with other brokers and up-to-the minute news stories then Forex Factory is your one-stop shop. The only drawback to this forex site is the rating system can appear daunting at first because of its advanced appearance. However once you get the hang of the interface this site will become an invaluable tool with active forums, more graphs that you’ll be able to consume and forex related current affairs that go above and beyond the normal statistical based predictions. There is even a useful colour based system that prioritises the importance of news stories for you and more forex reviews than most sites can offer combined.

FX Street

Finally on our list of the best online forex sites is FXStreet which offers exclusive webinars and tools for educational purposes. With links to recommended readings, online workshops and tons of analysis for you to consider this site is definitely an authority and a legitimate site on which you can self-educate yourself on forex. These three forex sites may be more than you’ll ever need if used correctly, but I would also suggest that you approach and find a reputable broker who can also educate you through practical means because the theory is only going to get you so far.

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