Friday Grab Bag: The Evil Edition

How sinful is your state?

Remember the horror you felt after watching the movie Se7en? Well now, you can relive it all over again, only this time it’s for real! (minus the whole head in the box thing, that is). Kansas State University has put together an infographic that shows just how saintly or how devilish we really are as a country (as if we didn’t already know). See how much greed, gluttony, and lust there is in your state based on factors like average income, the number of fast-food restaurants per capita, and the number of reported sexually transmitted diseases.

Death by debt collector

Stanley McLeod passed away from heart failure in 2005, but his wife Elizabeth asserts that countless phone calls from debt collectors are what ultimately brought on his demise. Listen to the aggressive voicemails left by the debt collectors and decide for yourself. According to the Mrs. McLeod, the couple owed less than $700 yet would receive upwards of nine phone calls a day from the debt collection agency. Remember, if you feel you are being harassed by collectors, learn your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The evil tricks of credit card companies

If you haven’t already discovered it firsthand, Liz Pulliam Weston warns about the foul play that creditors are becoming increasingly known for. Charging different interest rates to different customers based on their past credit history? Fair. Not telling us upfront what that interest rate is? That’s just evil. Read about the five other devilish little tricks credit cards companies pull that can land you in credit hell.

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Shred Monster comes to demolish and destroy…

…your sensitive financial paperwork that is. This thing is like the Godzilla of shredders. Shred Monster shows no mercy to old tax documents, bank and credit card statements, and medical paperwork. Feed him anything containing your Social Security number, pre-approved applications of credit, or whatever else you don’t want identity thieves to get their hands on. Watch as he shreds documents at rates up to 3,000 pounds per hour, reducing your sensitive material to unidentifiable pulp, which is then transported to a recycling facility (Shred Monster cares about the earth). Shred Monster’s most recent stop was in Norfolk, Virginia. Maybe your town will be next?

Are debit cards evil too?

We all know that credit cards can be little weapons of debt and destruction, but what about debit cards? As debit becomes the new credit (sort of like chartreuse becoming the new black, though not as glamorous), banks are looking for ways to increase their profits from debit-related fees, like overdraft charges. Get Rich Slowly outlines some of the scummy banking practices you should make sure you know about.

Bring me his credit score on a plate!

Last but not least, a big “Thanks!” to Steadfast Finances and One Family’s Blog for sharing our Credit Score Recipes with their readers. Check them out if you’re ready to cook up your credit and cut into it with a steak knife. Mmm, tastes deeelish!

Now if you’ve had enough evil for one day, check out the Suburban Dollar for their “Throwing Interceptions” edition of their Friday Finance Followers.

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