Get Your Disability Claim Processed Faster

Many people do not expect to ever have or procure a disability that will prevent them from working. However, this happens often, sometimes it is just for a short period of time but for others it can become a lifelong struggle.

Because so many people go through life thinking, It won’t happen to me they do not know what to do when disability happens. Some people have not heard of disability claims, they have not heard of the businesses that are available to help like Unum and the Unum disability claims. Knowing how to file a disability claim and knowing how to get it processed faster is on the bottom of your list of priorities, until you become disabled.

Assuming you have become disabled, getting your disability claim processed is now at the top of your list when it comes to priorities. Along with getting that claim processed it would probably be nice if that claim could get processed as quickly as possible, hopefully these tips will help with that goal.

These are some tips on how you can get your disability claim processed more quickly:

File quickly: This may seem obvious to some people but things get in the way and make it hard to do things quickly sometimes. It is important to file your claim as soon as you are able so that the review process can start and if there is going to be payment, it can get to you faster.

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Make copies of medical paperwork: Make copies of all medical paperwork, from doctor visits to medical information and hospital visits. Having this information will help the reviewers make decisions on how long you will probably not be able to work. Doing this will also save them the time they would have spent tracking the information down, which in turn helps your claim get through the process faster.

Tell your doctor: If your doctor and the office you go to knows you are filing a disability claim then they will be able to better provide the needed information if the reviewers need to call to check or confirm certain information. They will also need to be able to give the insurance company information.

Complete form: This sounds silly, but you really need to make sure your disability form is filled out completely; this will make the process go more quickly. If things are missing from your form then those processing the form have to take time to find the information which could really delay the process.


Madison Hewerdine is an author who writes about unum disability claims  and has a passion for singing.

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