Getting the cheapest Car Insurance around

Getting the cheapest Car Insurance around

Looking for insurance is never fun, often it can be a traumatic experience, especially when your quotes are way higher than you though they would be! There are many factors that insurance companies take into consideration when deciding the premium that they will charge you.

Car insurance premiums are calculated using a number of factors which include- the car, sex, occupation, car usage and the area that the car will be used in. Other contributing factors include any endorsements that the driver may have on their licence or any criminal offences.

How to get the best Insurance deal for you!

There are ways that you can reduce the premiums that you pay your insurance company, for example, if you have a powerful car that is desirable in the eyes of thieves your premiums will be higher than if you owned as less desirable, cheaper car. So, the value of the car plays a huge factor when receiving a quote from you insurance company.

If you have a Modified car you will pay more. 

If your car has any modifications then this will increase your premiums, in the eyes of the insurance companies you have made the more desirable in the eyes of thieves. Not only that if you were to crash the car, the modifications may cost more than the standard factory parts, meaning it would cost the insurance company more to replace the item.

I have a cheap car – what type of insurance should I take out?

Generally if you have a car that’s value is less than £1000 the best type of car insurance is likely to be third party. This means that if you have an accident and end up having to make a claim the other parties that are involved will be compensated. Third party insurance does cover you if your car is stolen or catches fire.

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I have an expensive car – what type of insurance should I take out?

If you have an expensive car you would be wise to take out fully comprehensive insurance. With this type of insurance it means that you are fully covered in the event of an accident, even if you are to blame. It is now possible to have a fully comprehensive policy which protects your no claims bonus. These types of policies have become more popular over more recent years.

Insuring a car when you are young – Nightmare!

When you are a young driver insurance can be a complete nightmare. The vast majority of insurance companies do not want young drivers as they represent such high risk. Insurance premiums for young people have gone through the roof in the last few years which have meant that many young drivers simply can’t afford to start driving. This is a ‘catch 22’ situation as you need to start driving as early as possible in order to gain a no claims bonus which will help reduce your premium.

Many young people will start driving on their parent’s cars as this can often be cheaper, however in more recent times this has changed and has almost become as expensive as driving on your own premium.

If you are looking for car insurance, landlord insurance or any insurance for that matter it can be a bit of a mine field, the internet is the best place to look as you can compare hundreds of quotes at the click of a button.

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