Gold & Guns – The Two Best Investments You Can Make

The Two Best Investments You Can Make

In Florida, the precious metal business is growing exponentially and citizens are diversifying their portfolios in anticipation for a bumpy road ahead.

Many Floridian investors are buying in when it comes to purchasing gold, precious metals, and guns. According the Florida State Department of Revenue, The number of licensed gold and precious metal buyers in Sarasota County nearly tripled, from 53 to 156 from 2008-2012. According to the FBI, There were and average of 32 background checks every minute for gun purchases in the U.S. since 2008. With the U.S. approaching 17 trillion dollars in national debt, gold and guns may be a wise investment. InFlorida, both gun purchases and gold purchases are through the roof! The fear is that the partisan politics will continue and the U.S. will continue its sluggish growth.

Many Floridians are preparing for the fact that the economy will continue to sit in limbo until our senators and congress people propose a solid plan for economic growth. Until then, there will be a high demand for gold, precious metals, and guns.  With continued monetary pumping, each dollar becomes worth less, much less. If you have concern of another great recession, head to a local Florida pawn shop. Bring the items in your possession, which aren’t of use to you; anything from guitars to collectibles. Sell them, pawn them, and bargain them away.

If you have watched the reality show Pawn Stars, you should be down with the lingo by now. You will walk away a happier and more liquid customer. Or, if you have concerns about the U.S. dollar, use the cash and purchase some jewelry that contains gold, silver, or platinum. Florida pawn shops are known for their great bargains. Just don’t pawn your gun for gold. If it gets to the point where we are paying for things in shavings of gold. You’re might need that gun If you don’t have a gun, don’t worry! Alachua pawn shops have a wide selection of top of the line fire-arms.

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Utilize these shops to get liquid or to get ready for the unknown. Buy some precious metals if you buy into the post-American world conspiracy. It cannot hurt to diversify. Or if you need quick cash and have some gold lying around, there is still a high demand for gold. Alachua Pawn Shop’s have a large inventory of guns, precious metals, and many other every-day items at reasonable prices!

Florida is a very unique state, where gold, guns, and pretty much any commodity can be purchased all within a few miles of each other.  Investing in these can be a great idea as guns are great collector’s items and will always have a hot market; while gold is a precious resource that is only going to get more expensive as it gets rarer. So take a walk around to your local flea markets and pawnshops and always be on the lookout for some great deals and bargains when it comes to these two investments.

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