Hiring the Right Tax Lawyer

Any reputable business will be able to determine when they should seek out the assistance of a seasoned attorney to provide guidance regarding important legal matters. One area may be dealing with the IRS with regard to the amount of money owed to the government. In this case, it can be essential to hire a tax lawyer in order to determine what is required, how to form tax shelters, and formulate future tax plans.  Those involved in providing services in the hospitality industry can also gain from expert legal interventions. San Diego lawyers with proven track records in the field of business taxes or a hospitality lawyer can prevent you from making a costly mistake that may negatively affect your business in the long term.


A San Diego tax lawyer should be able to provide you evidence of a law degree, preferably one that has an advanced degree in taxation. Legal counsel should also be upfront in detailing their tax specialties, professional fees and the license used to practice law statewide. It will prove beneficial if your tax lawyer is also a CPA, especially if your tax issues involve accounting matters. Qualified attorneys will likely charge higher fees for this type of specialized knowledge. If possible, ask family or friends for recommendations about any tax lawyers they have worked with in the past to be sure you are making a good choice.

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Tax laws

Experienced lawyers that specialize in helping businesses handle their tax matters can prove well worth the investment. If you only owe a small amount of money, than a tax attorney will not be necessary. However, a reputable legal professional will prove vital in more complicated tax matters. If you encounter a major tax bill, it could be beneficial to consult an attorney about how to prevent another costly situation from occurring in the future. You will definitely want to hire an attorney if you are being investigated by the IRS or if you wish to object to major errors on your tax bill.

Hospitality laws

Retained counsel should be well-versed in any tax laws that need to be abided by within the hospitality industry and provide professional assistance in meeting any necessary tax guidelines to remain in good standing. Attorneys specializing in this area can also help their clients obtain a business permit or food and liquor license, as well as a fire safety permit and a sales tax permit if any taxable goods are being sold. In addition, your attorney will check zoning laws to make sure your hospitality business is legally able to operate within any given region and assist with any immigration law concerns you may have with regard to employment as well.

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