Holiday Drunk Driving Arrests: Worse During Holidays?

Holiday parties can be a great time to unwind and have a couple drinks with friends and family, but if you’re not careful, your holiday cheer might be replaced with holiday fear. The fact is, law enforcement agencies across the country often step up their DUI enforcement efforts around the holidays, and this can lead to arrests and more.

Are You Vulnerable?

The reason for stepping up DUI enforcement around the holidays is simple – more people tend to drink and drive on these special occasions. In most cases, people are traveling to meet friends or out-of-town relatives during the holidays, and many people are even visiting multiple parties in one night. As a result, according to the best criminal lawyer in Virginia, police try to catch as many drunk drivers as possible in a short amount of time.

Are All Arrests Fair?

Sadly, because police are so concerned with catching a large amount of drunk drivers around the holidays, officers may employ unfair or even illegal tactics. For example, an officer may be using a Breathalyzer device that is improperly calibrated, and this can give incorrect results when testing a driver’s blood alcohol content, or BAC. Additionally, officers may fabricate the facts surrounding an arrest in order to get a quick conviction in court, and if you aren’t able to refute their claims with evidence, you might unfairly lose your license to drive, and in some cases, you may even be placed in jail.

The Costs of Being Improperly Charged

In addition, drivers who have been arrested, charged and convicted of a DUI may also face hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines and court fees. To make matters worse, convicted drivers may also have to pay for and attend expensive and lengthy alcohol education classes, spend money on alcohol assessments and more. In fact, in some states, drivers who have been convicted of a DUI will have to pay for the installation and monthly monitoring of a device that won’t allow them to start their vehicles without taking a chemical breath test first.

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If You’ve Been Falsely Charged

If you’ve been charged with a DUI around the holidays or at any other time of the year and you believe that your case has been handled unjustly, it’s important for you to partner with a DUI attorney who can help you to sort things out. A DUI attorney will be able to investigate the details surrounding your arrest and charges, and if any unethical, unprofessional or illegal conduct has taken place on the part of law enforcement, your attorney can bring this to light in court. Essentially, a DUI attorney can ensure that justice is served.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that not all DUI charges are unjust. DUI laws are in place to keep people safe on the road, and law enforcement officers are tasked with upholding these laws. As a result, you should never drink and drive for any reason. If you’re at a holiday gathering and you’ve been drinking, find a sober friend or family member to transport you home. Additionally, you could try to make arrangements to sleep over until you’ve sobered up. As mentioned, a DUI can be very costly whether it’s justified or not, so the best way to avoid these costs and stay safe is to simply not drink and drive.


Ann Bailey is a former news writer, and posts these reminders for all who attend and enjoy holiday events.  If you are taking part in a party and forget to get a ride home, you may need the best criminal lawyer in Virginia to help defend you against a dui and get your life back on track, and could benefit from calling the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Price Benowitz for legal help.

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