How a Family Law Solicitor can Help You

Family law solicitors provide a range of services for clients in the UK. Typically located on the high street, solicitors working in these small to medium-sized firms are often capable of handling all legal issues faced by couples and families, from overseeing the completion of Wills to helping people through divorce.

Core Services

High street practices specialising in family law tend to be divided into core departments. One department will likely deal with divorce claims, whilst another will focus on work involving children. Other departments may also be set up for issues pertaining to domestic violence, tax, property, Wills and probate.

Most family law solicitors have some experience with divorce proceedings, although prospective clients are always advised to contact specialist divorce lawyers in complex cases. The distinction is not always significant, as many family law practices employ experienced divorce solicitors to supplement more basic services.

Essential Help

Finding a reliable family law solicitor is not always a straightforward matter, but once a trusted solicitor has been found he can often be used for numerous legal issues over a long period of time. Choosing a family law solicitor who works for a respected practice is invariably advantageous, as other solicitors from within the firm can be called upon for help with various issues.

Evidence of the kind of help that can be provided by family law solicitors can be found in divorce cases. More often than not, a good solicitor will attempt to resolve divorce proceedings as quickly as possible for his client. Divorce can be a painful, complicated process and solicitors recognise that early resolution can be good for all concerned, however, many divorces cannot be resolved easily.

Divorce lawyers who work in family law firms are instrumental in nursing clients through the process. One of the principal objectives of any divorce lawyer is to ensure that clients receive adequate divorce settlements. Without the services of an experienced, professionally-trained solicitor, few people would be able to fight for their full entitlement. Solicitors excel in obtaining all relevant facts and data, exploring case law to establish precedents for abstract or arcane legal issues and petitioning to the court for ancillary relief. Lawyers work behind the scenes, arranging meetings with other solicitors and attempting to reach deals that benefit their clients.

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Ancillary relief is certainly an important stage of the divorce process, as it determines who receives what. There are often disputes over property and financial assets that cannot be resolved without going to court and in this respect alone the services of divorce solicitors are essential. Claiming for pensions, life savings and ownership of the family home is simply too great a task to undertake without the services of a specialist solicitor.

The importance of a family law solicitor is further brought into focus when divorcing spouses fight over the custody of their children. Parental responsibility is not an issue that any parent should take lightly, so seeking professional legal advice at the earliest opportunity is certainly recommended.

As noted above, family law solicitors can also assist clients by obtaining injunctions, petitioning the court for interim judgements (eg, on living arrangements or child custody) and negotiating the most favourable settlement. Solicitors may also offer mediation services for couples who are struggling to resolve disputes that are delaying or obstructing the divorce process.

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