How An Individual Can Benefit From A Medical Billing Agency

Have you been billed for medical claims that you should not owe money for, or has your health insurance company denied a claim that you thought would be covered? You, as an individual, can benefit from the use of a medical billing agency.

Are you an individual that utilized medical or mental health services and you are not sure how to handle the financial aspect? Do you need to use the services of a medical billing agency?

If you received your bill from a stint in rehab, or from a series of hospital or doctor visits, and you are unclear on how to proceed, you may need to contact a medical billing agency.

If you received a notice from your health insurance company stating that your medical or mental health care claim has been denied and you do not know the next step to take, you may need to contact a medical billing agency.

How can you as an individual benefit from using a medical billing agency?

First benefit: you do not need to research and learn the ins and outs of how a health insurance company goes about determining how your services are coded and billed, or how each party involved, generally you and the health insurance company, should be billed. So, it may go without saying that your amount of potential headaches and level of stress are substantially reduced with the utilization of a medical billing agency.

Within the medical billing agency are trained medical billing specialists who have learned all about how the health insurance companies operate. The agency’s team will do the work for you. Based on their understanding of the medical billing system and its use of codes for different services, and their understanding of your health insurance plan’s Explanation of Benefits, or EOB, the medical billing specialists assigned to your case will ensure the accuracy of everything on your bill.

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From there, the agency and it’s medical billing specialists will go through the breakdown of all fees to find out why you owe what you owe, or why the claim you have submitted to the health insurance company is being denied. When they discover the root of the issue, the medical billing agency will contact the appropriate parties for you.

Dealing With Denied Claims

When an insurance claim is denied, the appeal process can be detailed to each insurance carrier. Again, with training and knowledge of the field, the billing specialists will conduct the appeal for you. Their goal is to get you the money you deserve based on what the insurance company said they would cover in your EOB.

Lastly, HIPAA is an important aspect of medical and mental health care administration. Your medical billing agency will ensure everything is being carried out according to HIPAA regualtions so you are protected as a client.

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