How Do Law Schools Select Their Students?

Applying for law school

Before you even start to select the law schools you want to apply for there is one important step that you have to complete. That is to appear for the LSAT known as Law School Assessment Test. There are many resources on the internet that can help you prepare for LSAT in order to help you get a good score on your LSAT. Or you can find a good prep course for LSAT which will review the material and techniques required for a successful LSAT score.

Selection Criteria

The students for any law school program are selected mainly depending on their LSAT scores and their previous grades from school. When these criteria are not enough and the college has to make a decision about the majority of the students in the pool that do not fit either of these criteria then they have to resort to using other factors to select the candidates for their programs.

Tips to increase your chances of being selected for law school

Previous work experience
If you have previous work experience that is related to your course of study or can be used as experience for the law school, you stand a good chance of being selected over a candidate that does not have usable work experience

Extracurricular activities and volunteer work
Extracurricular activities that will make you stand out from the other candidates are helpful and should be highlighted in your resume. If you have proof of volunteer work in the community that should also be included as it shows that you have the aptitude to help the community which is a trait needed in a law professional.

Recommendation letters
Getting recommendation letters from your previous faculty and managers if you have work experience will be helpful in ascertaining that you have what it takes to be a success in law school.

Complete documents
Taking the time to make sure your documents are complete will greatly increase your chances of being selected to law school. This is because it will save time for you and the school in selecting the students for their programs. If there are discrepancies in your files then that will involve follow up and reevaluation which can cause you being passed up for another candidate who has their files and documents in complete order.

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Meeting the deadlines for each college is another way of increasing the odds of being selected for the law school program. Students are expected to be professional and being late is a trait you don’t want to portray as it can shed a negative light on your prospects and future as a law professional.

Taking LSAT on time
Taking the LSAT early is important to give you enough time to send in the scores to all the colleges you are planning to apply. There are helpful services like LSAC (Law School Admission Council) which will create a report including your LSAT score and writing sample and their website will send this report automatically to all the schools of your choice. This saves you the time, energy and money involved in sending the same report multiple times. That is why it is recommended that you appear for LSAT early with plenty of time to send in the scores and also to allow you to retake the exam if needed.

Sending scores on time
Sending your LSAT scores and documents to the colleges on time is a good way of ensuring your application is in the applicant pool. This will also give you ample time for follow up in case you need any further documentation.

Law school essay
Writing an exceptional essay is a great way of standing out from the rest of the candidates. Preparing beforehand for the essay and having it ready will reduce the stress involved in writing one at the last minute.

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