How Do You Best Handle A Speeding Ticket Situation

Of all the road traffic offences, speeding is almost an annoyance. Unless you are in the habit of intentionally breaking the speed barrier, most of the time, you will never realize you just broke the speed limit on that particular road. The problem is simple. The speed at which you are driving is usually relative to the speed of the next person driving with you on the same road. If you have a lot of vehicles on the road, then there is no chance of you being gifted a speeding ticket.

However, on empty roads, it is easy to ignore the speedometer, cross the speed limit and have a ticket issued under your name.

What Should You Do

The obvious advice is to not get speeding tickets and if you find yourself becoming a repeat offender, find out what is it that is bothering you so much that you are driving so fast lately. However, if you have already been issued a speeding ticket or experiencing an event where you are about to be issued a speeding ticket, do a few simple things.

The simplest thing that you can do is make yourself a note of the events that are happening. This may sound silly but there really is no harm in jotting down the circumstances under which you were driving fast. Also, add notes if you were planning to slow down because you just realized that you are crossing the speed limit and it so happened that at the exact same time, the police caught you. All of these can act as important evidence if the speed ticket should escalate to a court matter.

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More Suggestions

Not every instance of speeding is going to get you a ticket. Traffic police are also people, just like you and us. If you were prompt in pulling over when asked to do so and listen to what the police have to say about you driving fast, they may let you off with a verbal warning. You are probably thinking that the ticket fine is a small amount and you don’t care about it.

The issue is not the amount of money you have to fork out to pay the ticket, but rather the event being permanently recorded under your name. An offence is an offence, no matter how minor or major it is. Why should you care about this? Well, you obviously need insurance. So, when you apply for insurance renewal, your insurance will use every entry in your driving license and driving record to increase the prices of the premium.

There really is nothing you can do about this because there is in fact an offence mentioned in your records. For you it was probably a minor event. However, for the insurance companies, it is just another reason they can exploit to charge you higher prices. So, try your best to avoid getting a ticket at all! Despite all your precautions, you may still end up with a ticket. If you want to contest the fine, get yourself a good lawyer.

The author writes a lot on law and can help you with info on traffic law. He gains his knowledge on the subject from friends who are speeding ticket lawyers.

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