How Effective are Business Tablets in the Office?

In both the home and business environment, we are fast approaching an era of tablet computing. In the office, tablets are primarily being used to complement the features and functions of a desktop or laptop, with the core advantage being that business tablets are made for mobility. However, as a business considering the purchase, it is difficult to justify the expense for a fleet of business tablets that has the same functionality as a group of notebooks. The question is, are there any real benefits of a business tablet besides the fact that it makes business people look highly professional? We say yes and here’s why.


Business tablets in the boardroom make a whole lot of sense. First of all, they eliminate the need for compiling and printing thick books of material and information, which can be laborious as well as expensive. Business tablets make electronic material easily accessible to every member of the meeting, which comes with a host of advantages. In using electronic material and business tablets, the paper consumption of the business will be significantly reduced, which is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, electronic material can be easily updated and modified, and has useful hyperlink capabilities, which is great for boardroom presentations. Secondly, business tablets can be used in boardrooms to link members of the meeting who are in different locations using videoconferencing. Boardroom apps for business tablets also boast tremendous capabilities.

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A few companies are experimenting with giving business tablets to customers, in order to help deliver services or provide information. For example the cruise liner the Royal Caribbean recently placed iPads in every stateroom of certain cruise ships. From the iPad business tablet, users have direct access to interactive media providing details of daily activities, promoting products and facilitating booking procedures.


Some businesses are providing their top end salespersons with business tablets to help them promote products efficiently and effectively. With a business tablet, salespersons have immediate access to statistics, graphs, research and testimonials at a single touch. Besides looking professional, business tablets arm salespersons with a powerful sales and marketing tool.


The greatest advantage of businesses tablets is that it allows employees to be instantly connected no matter where they are. As long as the correct online security measures are put in place, documents can be safely created and shared across the network, whether a worker is at an airport or away on a business trip. Although a laptop is also mobile, a business tablet is far more discreet and easy to carry.

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