How to Choose an Accident Lawyer

Personal injury lawyer in Burlington

Millions of dollars are spent on television commercials advertising the services of personal injury attorneys. You see them all of the time when you watch “Judge Judy” or “The People’s Court.” You have to be careful when choosing a personal injury lawyer in Burlington. While you may get lucky calling a toll-free 800 number and get a referral to a good accident lawyer, there are better ways to select one.

One possible way of finding a good attorney to represent you in an accident case is through a recommendation from a family member or a trusted colleague. While this method is hardly foolproof, it is better than randomly picking an accident lawyer from the Yellow Pages or a slick TV commercial.

Sometimes a friend, with good intentions, will suggest a friend or their nephew who just graduated from law school. Although they may have passed the bar exam, they may not be as skilled or competent as other accident lawyers in your area.

It is your responsibility to do some research and interview more than one personal injury lawyer before making a decision on who you want to represent you in your lawsuit. Check references and ask the attorney to show you his or her record of previous case outcomes.

Attorneys can be effective using different styles and approaches to a case. You might want an aggressive attorney that will not try to settle for a low amount, or you might want one that is more practical and can get you a quick settlement.

If you have a big case, that could involve hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in possible damages, you want an attorney that is experienced in courtroom litigation. You should take advantage of a free consultation that almost every accident lawyer offers, to learn more about an attorney you may decide to hire.

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Personal injury or accident lawyers should be thoroughly familiar with the statutes and laws in your state related to the type of accident you had. An attorney that usually handles car accidents might not have the expertise in a slip and fall accident case.

You can also check up on an attorney before agreeing to have them represent you by contacting the Bar Association or some other professional organizations for lawyers. Information is available online as well.

You must feel comfortable with any attorney you hire. You should feel free to ask any questions you have and the attorney should take the time to answer all of the questions. While you cannot be sure how long it will take to complete your case, a good accident attorney can give you a pretty good idea if it will take two weeks, two months or two years.

When you get injured as the result of an accident is very important to choose the right attorney to help you because you are no match for big insurance companies. If you try to negotiate a settlement on your own, you usually will get far less than you would if a competent personal injury attorney negotiated with the insurance company.

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