How to Choose the Best Immigration Lawyer

There is some paperwork required to be completed during the immigration process, and when you actually sit down to prepare your immigration forms you might feel besieged. You might start wondering if you should hire an immigration lawyer to help you. If your case is simple then you can manage it on your own. However, there are reasons why you might have to hand over your case to an immigration lawyer. While in the process, if you come across a difficult situation, legal assistance will be helpful. If you are not confident enough or do not have the time to fill in the forms then too you may consider taking help of an immigration lawyer. If you have decided hiring a lawyer your concern now might be how to choose Immigration lawyer. Below are given some tips that surely will be of great help.

Factors to consider while choosing Immigration‚ lawyer:

Educational qualification – all lawyers look almost the same, but the fact is all immigration attorneys are not equal. To find out who is the best you need to consider their educational qualification. While comparing lawyers find out about the law school he/she graduated from. There are schools that give admission only to those students with a very good score, while others have minimal requirements. A lawyer’s task includes reading, analyzing and applying laws to your case, and if the lawyer has just managed to graduate from some low-level school he/she will stand no competition in front of those who have graduated from the top-level schools.

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– just holding degree of a famous law school is not enough, experience also plays a very important role. An experienced immigration attorney obviously is aware of the intricacies involved in the immigration process, and at the same time also knows how your case will be handled by USCIS or any other governmental agency. The lawyer will also be able to tell you how much time will be taken by the agency to complete your case and what is the chance of your success.


– if your lawyer guarantees a success in the case, then you have every reason to stay away from him/her. It is not possible for a lawyer to guarantee the result of your case since he/she is just a private entity and does not know how the USCIS officer will respond to your case. You should rather look for such lawyers who can only give you a percentage for your chances of success.


– you need to avoid falling prey to hidden fees. Make sure your attorney specifies the exact amount he/she will be charging you as fees for the entire case. Generally, a reputable attorney will have a contract for you, to keep your and his/her interests protected.

An only immigration lawyer

– immigration laws changes very often, and this makes it important for the lawyer you choose to be practicing only immigration law. This will give him/her the scope to stay updated and thus he/she will be aware of the latest procedures to be used to help you succeed.

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