How to Lower Your Electricity Bill During the Summer?

It’s not a secret for people living where the summers are hot that you can easily receive a high energy bill in the summer. Even though people have a typical belief that in summer energy bills are way much lower than in winter, folks who try to keep their homes cool might definitely disagree with this statement.
That’s when we found out that some people are struggling with their energy bills during the summer. So we decided to write an article with tips that guarantee you cheap electric services in summer.

  • Never think that the bigger air conditioner you will buy, the more cooler your house is going to be. If you are currently using one of the biggest and powerful air conditioners on the market, then perhaps you should think about replacing it, because that energy sucking machine might just be the answer to your high energy bills. Don’t forget to change your AC filters at least once a month.
  • Install more fans. Even though fan doesn’t cool your house as much as air conditioner does, it still helps by blowing warm air from your skin. You’ll feel cooler and can easily turn down a few degrees on your air conditioner. Studies show that decreasing temperature by just one degree can help you save approximately 3% of your energy bill.
  • Don’t keep any appliances like TV, computers and others near your thermostat. Most electric devices generate heat and might rise your thermostat temperature. If you’re shopping for a new thermostat, try to buy one with programmable daily schedule. Adjust temperatures so the house doesn’t get cooled and no energy is wasted when you’re away. Needlessly cooling a house costs at least $200 extra in energy bills for an average family.
  • Use the good weather in your favor and try to cook outside when possible. Not using kitchen too often in the summer will prevent it from overheating the house and making your air conditioner go full power and suck money out of your pocket.
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Are you sure you are getting cheap electric services in your local area? Dedicate one day to do a full gas and electricity comparison. There are a lot of gas and electricity comparison tools available online that will easily help you to compare gas and energy prices in your area without having to make any phone calls or whatsoever. Just enter your location details and you will be presented with a full list of gas and energy providers in your area you might not even have heard about before.

Hopefully these couple of tips will help you save money on energy costs not only this summer, but in the future as well. Try one or even all of these tips. It doesn’t cost you an arm and leg and some of these tips can even save you some money in winter as well.

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