How & When to Protect Your Startup’s Intellectual Property

How &When to Protect Your Startup’s Intellectual Property

When:  Wednesday,September 21,2011,12:00 pm

Webinar Description: For startups,protecting a company’s key intellectual property could be the difference between losing everything and retiring early to the Bahamas. Companies need to:Prevent competitors from copying their products and services;Hold on to market share that by law should be theirs;Avoid getting sued or charged royalties for infringement on competitors’ patents.

In this webinar,you will learn when it makes sense to spend company resources to file for IP protections. You will get tips on how to make the most out of your filings so that your company is better protected against the competition. Protected intellectual property may be the competitive edge your company needs to thrive against the industry giants.

Presenter Info: Kevin Townsend is on a professional mission to help young companies with innovative ideas to be well positioned to compete and also to be acquired by larger corporations. Kevin has 23 years of experience in patent law, including 10 years spent in house performing due diligence work on technology acquisition targets for Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson.

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Kevin spent 10 years working for law firms to help companies with licensing and IP issues in device, IT, biotech, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Altogether, he has helped companies file for over 2,000 patents. Kevin also has worked on over 100 major licensing and acquisition due diligences, including negotiations and contract drafting. Kevin has a technical background in physics, chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. He spent 5 years doing post graduate research at the National Institutes of Health. Frankly, we’re glad he now works for entrepreneur’s interests

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