Identity Theft Impacts Women More Than Men

Women lose more money from identity theft than men, and it takes them longer to recover from the crime, says a new Affinion Security Center survey.

The findings from the survey were surprising, as no one had suspected that ID theft impacted the genders differently.

A few unexpected figures

17% of women lose over $1000 when their identities are stolen, compared to only 10% of men.

Men are more likely to resolve identity theft before losing any money out of their pockets. (61% of male victims lose no money, compared to only 53% of women).

Men also typically resolve their cases of identity theft quicker than women. Over half of male victims resolved their ID theft case within a week, compared with 36% of females.

On the flip side, women are actually more likely to change their shopping habits and take more protective measures after a bout with identity theft. Almost 20% of female victims shopped less online after experiencing the crime. Women are four times as likely to keep their personal financial documents locked in a safe after suffering identity theft.

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Despite these findings, identity theft “remains an equal-opportunity crime that affects all types of people,” says Tom Rusin of Affinion. It’s important to learn ways to protect yourself, whether you’re male or female. See the SpendOnLife guide on Preventing Identity Theft for some good tips for online safety, securing sensitive documents around the house, and being careful while shopping and dining out.

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