Investigate the Actual Cause of Accident by Analyzing the Vehicle’s Data Recorder

Crash data retrieval (CDR) is an important part of accident investigation. This technique will help to configure the stored information while a vehicle crashes. Retrieval experts analyze vehicle’s data recorder and put forth what the vehicle was doing before and after crash.

Usually the information that are inspected in this process are

  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Status of brake
  • Engine speed
  • Driver’s seat belt buckled or not
  • State of air bag
  • Number of ignition cycle at the time of impact
  • Its condition at the time of investigation
  • Time between crash events
  • Anti-lock brake activation
  • Vehicle configuration data
  • And others

An accident can be for any reason. Sudden change in speed, failure of brakes, losing control over the vehicle or other faults may lead to accidents. It is very important to know what has actually happened. Insurance company can seek that information. If the accident is fatal and taken somebody’s life; police for the sake of investigation needs to know what exactly has happened in that accident.

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Thus, to understand what has taken place it is important to retrieve crash data. Sometimes these CDR Download is required in legal processes. These data also assist others to adopt precautionary measures to avoid accidents.

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