Journalists Seeking Collection and Educational Law Attorneys

Here are two media opportunities for Lawyers & other legal professionals.

Summary: Dealing With invoice Non-Payment and Payment Trends

Name: Don Sadler

Category: Business and Finance

Media Outlet: Dun & Bradstreet

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 21 October

Query: I’m writing two articles for Dun & Bradstreet on customer payments: one on what businesses can do when faced with non-paying customers, and another on big-picture trends when it comes to customer payments. I’d like to speak with experts who can 1) share with me the legal options available to small business owners for collecting past-due accounts receivable, and 2) help me identify big-picture payment trends broken down by industry, company size, geographic area and other factors to help readers see how their company might be affected. To apply, send an email to:

Summary: Concussion Policy and the Law in the Sports Industry

Name: Holt Hackney

Media Outlet: Concussion Policy and the Law

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Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 24 October

Query: Some parents feel like the schools are going overboard in terms of being cautious about concussions and when to let student athletes compete again. I’d welcome the opinions of athletic administrators and/or trainers in 300 words or so on this dynamic. I’d also love to hear about the policy at your school if it is an especially good one. Thoughtful and interesting responses may also be published in Legal Issues in High School Athletics. Send responses to Ellen Rugeley at Requirements: Looking primarily for athletics administrators, but will also welcome the input of attorneys and consultants.

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