Journalists Seeking Lawyers & Other Legal Professionals

Here are the latest media opportunities for lawyers and other legal professionals. The deadlines are fast approaching, so be sure to act fast. Good luck!

Summary: Trend in Lawyers Going Out on Their own

Name: Eilene Zimmerman

Media Outlet: New York Times

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 23 September

Query: For a story about entrepreneurial lawyers, I’m looking for an expert–probably a consultant or recruiter–to let me know if they are seeing a trend nationwide of any kind in attorneys who worked for big law firms increasingly striking out on their own, either as solo practitioners or starting small firms. To apply, send an email to:

Summary: User Interface Trademark and Legality

Name: John Brandon

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 23 September

Query: Looking for experts (lawyers, analysts) who can talk about how companies like Google and Facebook usually protect their UI. So, things like Circle sin Google Plus or gestures in the new Win 8. What can be protected, what is generic, what companies can do about it. Deadline is for making contact about this. To apply, send an email to:

Summary: Caring for ‘At Risk’ Residents in Chicago AND Florida Buildings

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Media Outlet: The Cooperator

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 23 September

Query: Who looks out for ‘at-risk’ or ‘special needs’ residents in a building when property managers need to create their emergency action/evacuation plan? (Elderly, ill or other physically compromised folks.) I’m looking to interview CHICAGO-AREA AND SOUTH FLORIDA ONLY property managers to find out a) what happens if there’s an emergency in their building — what do they do? b) what training do you give to building workers on these residents? How might a managing agent deal with a mentally handicapped resident with aging parents, for example, or a situation where a young kid is caring for younger siblings while a single mom or dad is at work. Looking for anecdotes!!!! Requirements: Again, Chicago based area only AND South Florida only. I can use property managers, attorneys who can tell me what’s legal to ask about these residents, anyone who is familiar with the American Disabilities Act, etc. Even a family with a special needs person who has a special story to tell about their management. To apply, send an email to:

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