Lawyers Can Now Launch Their Own Podcast

Thanks to the Legal Talk Network, if you every wanted to have you own legal podcast, you can now do so and with ease.

The Legal Talk Network podcasts highlight important issues in the legal profession with high profile guests in a talk show format. They’re produced by professionals and available on-demand on the Legal Talk Network website, in iTunes, by free subscription to RSS and from legal portals, blogs and social networking sites. Listeners make connections with colleagues in a B2B environment, helping everyone meet the challenges of a changing legal world.

The podcasts have been recognized throughout the legal community over the past five years, with Lawyer2Lawyer, chosen as #1 by the ABA Journal in 2008 and noted in various industry journals. And Legal Talk Network podcasts are in the top 10 in iTunes for legal podcasts.

If you are a Lawyer and want to start your own podcast, Legal Talk Network can help you do. While you supply the idea, host, and content for the show, they provide the broadcast team of producers and technicians. They also set you up with a studio at your location that they manage remotely. To learn more about creating your own show

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