Lawyers Paradise – Earn By Helping Hapless Men With Their Divorce.

The solution to begin a flourishing law practice is to find the correct niche and domain. Lawyers today believe in specialization and are dividing their practice areas to become masters in their particular domain. This inclination is principally being noticed in the area of family law, as various ‘Divorce for men’ law firms have sprung up all over the country. The word of the day is that men’s preference should also be taken into consideration at the time of divorce.

Suits the requirements of men

In a divorce, half of the clients will be men. The Wall Street Journal reports that by becoming a men’s divorce lawyer, one can cater (and market) to the unique fears of getting a raw deal, especially, if you’re applying for divorce as the husband.

However, there was a time when divorce procedures were biased.  It was generally implied that the mother would receive custody and that the husband would have to pay the alimony and child support expenses. Today, things are not the same. Fathers, too, have equal rights with respect to the children and divorce laws are gender neutral. As far as lawful guidance goes, family unity laws are eventually in relation to the state law. The point of view that the lawyer makes will depend upon the law.

A specific marketing tool

As a marketing tool, from the perspective of the lawyer, this makes perfect sense.  A lawyer should be able to persuade his or her clients that he or she is a supporter of men and is aware of the injustices that they face in the divorce court. The tendency is about advertising and promotion of the firm; not about the law.  The subject to be taken into account is the divorce and if the men are going through the divorce. They have to decide whether or not their lawyer markets exclusively to men and if it will make a difference in the outcome of their cases.  There is a greater than ever inclination amongst divorce lawyers to promote their skills, specifically to men.

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Men friendly environment

Many of the ‘Divorce for men’ law firms are preparing themselves to be ‘men friendly’ which is evident as soon as you march into their firm. Their aim is to make the client comfortable and help them trust the firm. You may notice a copy of Men’s Health on the table and ESPN on the TV in the waiting room.

Why men?

Several researches were conducted in terms of the kind of particular guidance such firms offer. The results of such researches was that men’s lawyers reportedly suggested clients not to get into fights and arguments with their spouse as it could result in false claims of exploitation, and they should not move to far-away places if they plan to ask for combined guardianship of the kids.

Eventually, generating an area of expertise like a ‘Divorce for men’ lawyer is a promotion policy. A probable client will seem more comfortable with a law firm that accommodates to their distinctive situations, as opposed to a general law firm that includes the general practice area as a whole.

This informative article is penned by Vivian Richards. She is a marketing expert and a serial blogger. She feels that the Pittsburgh divorce lawyers are well known for their tactical knowledge of the law.

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