Legal Issues: What a Lawsuit Means for You Financially

The settlement of a dispute through a lawsuit is an expensive proposition for both parties. For this reason, it is important for a person involved in a lawsuit to understand the ways that lawsuits cost money. By understanding the costs of a lawsuit, a person can take action to reduce the costs that he or she will have to pay.

Lost Time

Lawsuits will often take a lot of time. A person involved in a lawsuit will have to spend a lot of time completing paperwork, meeting with attorneys, attending hearings and otherwise dealing with the lawsuit. All of this time is time spent away from earning a living and making money. The cost of time is an often overlooked factor when considering the costs of a lawsuit, but it is one of the biggest factors.

Attorney Fees

There are few professionals as well compensated as attorneys. The years of training and education needed to become an attorney results in a specialized skill that commands this high rate of pay. For those involved in a lawsuit, attorney fees are a large expense that he or she will have to pay. As even relatively simple lawsuits will require many hours of work gathering information, drafting documents and negotiating a settlement, all lawsuits will result in significant attorney fees.

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Court Costs

Court costs are another expense that a person involved in a lawsuit must pay. From filing a lawsuit to having subpoenas and other documents served on people, almost everything involved in pursuing or defending a lawsuit will cost money. According to the Guelph lawyers of Dietrich Law, these costs will add up over time and in many cases must be paid on an ongoing basis and not simply paid after the case has been settled.


Whether a person wins or loses a lawsuit, in many cases his or her reputation will be damaged. In most businesses and employment situations, having a good reputation is important for making deals and getting promotions. A person whose reputation has been damaged by a lawsuit can expect to be harmed financially after the completion of the lawsuit until his or her reputation can be rebuilt.


Of course, no listing of lawsuit expenses can be completely thorough as each lawsuit is different. For example, some lawsuits will require extensive travel and lodging costs, while others will not. While not all expenses can be anticipated, a person involved in a lawsuit should carefully consider and plan for the expenses that he or she will have to pay.

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