Man Kills 4 In Upstate New York Shootout, Police Searching Suspect

A man killed 4 and injured 2 in Harkimer County, New York in a 10-minute shooting on Wednesday. It is believed the suspect blown up his house, says a federal law enforcement source.

Police has surrounded an abandoned building in search of 64-year-old Kurt R. Myers, who has left his car after shooting at auto maintenance business and barber shop.

At 9.29 a.m. the first report of firing was received by state police, said State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico, about a firing at a residential space. Minutes later another report mentioned shooting at the Gaffey’s Fast Lube in Herkimer and John’s Barber Shop in Mohawk.

The two dead are 57-year-old Michael Rancier and 68-year-old Harry Montgomery. Both were customers at the shop and were killed at the scene. Two other injured are now in critical condition at Utica’s St. Elizabeth Medical Center.

At the initial stage the police department believes Myers may have driven his car from the car wash shop and left it inside an abandoned building and started shooting.  So far there has been no injuries of any police officers in the shootout, confirms D’Amico.His vehicle was discovered at around 1 p.m.

Nearby schools and businesses have been evacuated and police positioned themselves heavily armed surrounding the area. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo rushed to the scene. He said to the media, “This is truly an inexplicable situation… There was no apparent rational motive to the best of our knowledge.”

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The search for the suspect continued even after the sunset over the Mohawk Valley by law enforcement officers accompanied with K9 units. Armed vehicles were also brought. Residents in the area are trapped in their apartments. People are nervous and scared.

47-year-old Pat Roberts said his girlfriend is trapped in her apartment with her 4-year-old boy and equipped with very little knowledge of what is happening outside.

Meanwhile, police has released Myers photo and learned from neighbors he was frequently seen around the town and kept to himself usually, acting strangely while interacting with others. An eye witness at the auto car wash shop said at least five gunshots were heard at around 10 a.m.

Property records reveal Myers lived in his apartment since 2005 and neighbors mentioned he lived in the area for several years.

Myers’ next door neighbor Traci Randall said she lived in the adjacent flat for last four years but only had conversation once and that obviously did not go well. She added further, “I am thankful now that he never bothered with me and my family.”

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