Media Opportunities for Lawyers & Other Legal Professionals

Submitted By:     Dr Kari Miller

Media Outlet:

Deadline:             Ongoing

Query:   I want to interview a special education attorney who can talk about the ins and outs of obtaining 504 plans in public school for students on my blogtalk radio show, Special Kid School Talk. I want to provide information about who qualifies for 504 plans, the differences between 504s and IEPs, working with school staff to get the “best” 504 plan, and filing complaints with the Office of Civil Rights. Special Kid School Talk airs on Sunday afternoons from 3-4pm, Pacific time.

Apply at:

Summary: Most important 2011 tax changes

Name: Amy Kniss

Media Outlet: Demand Media

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 8 November

Query: What deductions are most often missed? What gets a person flagged for audit? What are the most common tax mistakes? What are the tax regulation changes that most affect the following types of filers and how will they be impacted (generalizing based on the filing groups)?


Married, filing jointly (no kids)

Married, filing jointly (kids)

Married, filing separately

Divorced filers

Widowed filers (widowed in 2011)

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How should the filer address or accommodate the change?

Requirements: Tax attorney, CPA, present or former IRS employee, state tax regulator, certified financial planner, Chartered Financial Analyst, present or former SEC regulator, present or former employee of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. To apply, send an email to:

Summary: Cyberthreat Intelligence

Name: Stephen Lawton

Media Outlet: SC Magazine

Deadline: 5:00 PM PST – 4 November

Query: I am working on an eBook about how cyberthreat intelligence is changing the way CISOs do their jobs. How is this technology changing? What are the trends for 2012? How can new technologies aid the CISO in stopping threats, particularly to systems and networks that might not be under the CISO’s direct control?

Requirements: This is NOT a product-oriented story. I’m looking for consultants, experts, attorneys, and analysts who can talk to the technology and trends; I am not looking for product-specific pitches. To apply, send an email to:

Summary: Seeking insights on tribal lobbying – political contributions

Name: Keith Matheny

Media Outlet: The Desert Sun (Palm Springs)

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