Misrepresenting medical facts is a crime

These days inMiamihealth care fraud has become a common term. When the medical facts are misrepresented intentionally in order to receive greater reimbursement, it is termed as health care fraud. Such intentional deception is considered as crime.

These frauds are dealt seriously because it is a national problem that affects every individual directly or indirectly. The losses that nation suffers in these kinds of abuses lead to an increase health care cost or increased premium for insurance.

  • Health care abuse can be any forms
  • Preparing bills for services that were not offered
  • Duplicate bills submission for same services
  • Misrepresenting the service provided
  • Charging for a complex or expensive service than was actually provided
  • Adding someone to policy not actually covered
  • Failing to remove one who no longer is eligible for the policy

and many such other occasions.

These types of crimes are subjected to high penalties. Usually convicted are charged with heavy fines and sometimes they are send to jail. Moreover, it can be harassment and your reputation can be tarnished for such accusation.

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