Money Laundering Charge – Find Defense without Delay

Money laundering is a financial offense. This takes place once an offense has already taken place. Maybe it is due to this, people do not pay much attention to the offense. In addition, general people do not even have detailed information about the offense either. If go asking around, the majority will say to you that they have no idea about this offense.

Definition of Money Laundering

This is a process which provides the offenders the means to make illicit money appear legitimate. If this is done effectively, the launderers can control the entire amount successfully. This offense can affect the national economy. For this government enforces strict punishments upon those who commit this offense.

Different stages

Three basic stages are involved in this offense. The stages can be conducted in same time or separately. This depends on the launderers and the situation. The steps are known as placement, layering and integration.

Placement – This is the first step of the money laundering process. In this stage the illicit money gets placed into a financial institution. This institution can be a bank. The money can be place in retail system as well. Most of the time however, the money is smuggled out of the country. The objective of the launderers is to take the cash away from the location of acquirement.

Layering – This is an attempt of concealing the money. This is the first attempt of hiding it. In this process the launderers create web of transaction to make the money virtually untraceable. They get the money in and out on several occasions. These transactions are done so quickly that no one can trace these. To add a further layer, the launderers sometimes divide the amount into small portions and send them to different countries.

Integration – This is the last stage of money laundering. In this stage the launderers bring the money back to the original source. This time the money enters the source as legitimate amount. The launderers establish anonymous companies to bring the money back to sources.

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If you are accused of committing this offense, you will be arrested. Because this is a federal offense, the penalties will be harsher. You will be fined for committing this. In addition to this, you will be imprisoned for a long time, if the law enforcers get to get a conviction. To avoid these, you need to get legal assistance. Get in touch with a competent Florida criminal lawyer. This is not something which you will be able to handle without legal assistance. It is due to this you need to hire a lawyer to get you out of the trouble.

Always make sure to hire an establish lawyer. Moreover, you need to check the success record as well. Remember that federal law is complicated and only an establish lawyer will be able to help you.


There are some defense strategies that the lawyers use to get a not guilty verdict. Lack of evidence is one of the common defense lines that the lawyers use. In case there is inadequate evidence against you, the lawsuit may get dismissed. There are other defense strategies available. However, a lawyer will be able to provide you better suggestions.

Summary – Money laundering is a serious offense. You need to seek legal help without delay, if you are accused of this. Make sure to hire someone with right qualification and a proven track record.


Author Bio: Mark Hall is a freelance writer and his area of interest and expertise is criminal law. Mark has his own blogs and websites where he talks about criminal law and the different aspects of various criminal cases. In his recent articles Mark has discussed how a Florida criminal lawyer can help those who are facing identity theft related charges.

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