My DUI Has Cost Me My Promotion-Now What?

Orlando is known for many things. It is home to some of the most famous amusement parks in the world. It has beautiful weather all year long. It is near some of the best beaches you could ever enjoy. It is also home to some of the best night clubs.

Enjoying the night clubs is something that locals and tourists enjoy. However, it also leads to some of the highest DUI arrests in the state. Because of the large amount of night clubs located in the tourist districts the Orlando police are very diligent about stopping suspected drivers under the influence.

A DUI arrest can be frustrating. A DUI conviction can be devastating. A DUI conviction will cause you many problems and can cause financial ruin. A DUI conviction can even cost you a promotion at work.

What Employers See When They See a DUI Conviction On Your Record

• Lack of Good Judgment.


Even if this is the farthest thing from the truth, an employer will view a DUI conviction as a sign that you do not make good decisions. With this in mind, they will overlook you for a promotion because they want someone who ill make good judgment calls for their company.


  • High Risk Employee.


Many larger employers will view a conviction as a sign that you have a drinking problem. It may have been a one-time thing on your part, but that will not matter. You will become a risk to their insurance and a potential liability.

  • Lost Days.


Most people that are convicted of a DUI also lose their license. This means you will have to rely on someone else for transportation and that means there is a potential to miss work. This makes you less dependable and they will not consider you for any positions other than what you currently have at the time.

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How a DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

One of the most important things that you can do when you have been arrested for driving under the influence is hire a DUI defense attorney. An attorney can aggressively defend you in Court and possibly have the charges overturned.

There are many defenses for DUI arrests that an attorney can use in your defense. These defenses will allow you to either have the cases dismissed or face a lesser charge, both of which are better than a conviction.

By being able to successfully prevent a conviction, you can avoid all of the financial issues that come with a conviction, including the potential loss of promotion at work. Without being convicted, you do not have to report the incident to your employer at all, unless of course, it occurred in a company car.

Orlando is a wonderful ton filled with many things to see and enjoy. Many of these attractions offer alcoholic beverages. Everyone is encouraged to drink with caution and to avoid getting behind the wheel if they have been consuming alcohol. If you are stopped for a suspected DUI, make sure that you call a defense attorney as soon as possible after the event.

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