Need to Hire an Attorney? Get Your Finances in Order Now

Need to Hire an Attorney? Get Your Finances in Order Now!

Attorneys are your best defense in a criminal case. The need for a lawyer often arises unexpectedly and you may not have the money needed to afford one. Unfortunately, you rarely have the luxury of waiting if you need a criminal defense attorney or any other kind of lawyer. Rearranging your finances helps free up resources that can get your lawyer working while you look at other financial options.

Cut Expenses

Even a misdemeanor charge requires a criminal attorney if you wish to avoid jail time and stiff fines.  Immediately eliminate any unnecessary expenses from the budget to free up your disposable income. Start carpooling or take the bus to save money on gasoline. Stop eating out and cook your own meals at home. Turn off your cable service, cancel your video rentals or any similar services and downgrade your Internet to a slower speed if you can in order to save money. You might be able to get a cheaper cell phone plan as well, depending on if you have a current contact or not. While some of these options may only save you a few dollars a month, every penny matters when hiring a defense attorney and you’ll be surprised how quickly those little expenses add up. If you’re in Massachusetts, speak to a Boston criminal attorney about your case.

Work Extra Hours

There are two main strategies to raise money when in a bind. You need to either lower your expenses or raise your revenue. Ideally, you should do both. Ask for a raise at work if you think you might get one and also increase your work hours if possible if you get paid an hourly rate. Another option is to get a second job. Make sure the second job won’t interfere with your first one however because now is not the time to get fired. Overnight shifts at gas stations, restaurants or other 24-hour facilities are useful as a second job because the hours won’t interfere with a day job. However, they do interfere with sleep so be careful to not wear yourself out.

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Get a Loan

Talk to banks in your area to see if you qualify for a loan. You might need collateral in the form of your car or house if you own them outright. Talk with banks in the Boston area if you live in Massachusetts, you might qualify for a loan to hire a Boston criminal defense attorney. Talk to family members as well to see if anyone can lend a hand. Family and friends are better loan sources than a bank when feasible because informal loans won’t hurt your credit rating and you’ll likely get a better interest rate. Some friends or family may not give you an interest rate at all but you should always assume there will be one.

Lawyers can be costly but every penny spent is worth it if the attorney’s work keeps you out of jail. Rearrange your finances today to help avoid a jail sentence tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did and you can always get your DVD rental account back after the legal case blows over.

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