New Website Tells if You Qualify for Mortgage Relief

Do you know if you’re eligible for help under the U.S. Treasury’s new “Making Home Affordable” plan? 7 to 9 million homeowners in the U.S. will qualify for a loan modification or refinance under this initiative – are you one of them?

The Home Preservation Foundation, myFico, and Money Management International have just launched a new website – MortgageReliefOnline (MRO) – that lets you know instantly if you might qualify for a loan modification or refinance under new government assistance programs. Instead of waiting for a response from your mortgage servicer, check the free and confidential MRO website first. A brief online quiz will instantly tell you your eligibility.

If you are eligible, you can enter your contact information to receive a phonecall within 48 hours. A credit counselor from Money Management International will contact you to explain next steps. is an efficient, trustworthy way to get a sense of your eligibility, but states that only your loan servicer can tell you for certain whether you qualify for government assistance. Your lender is likely to take you more seriously, though, if it sees that you’ve gone through the MRO website, and that a counselor has helped you to prepare the paperwork needed to complete a refinance or modification.

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