No More Long Faces

All this news of horse meat in food products is getting as boring as being short of cash, isn’t it? Just when you thought you’d saved some cash on cheap burgers, they turn out to be made of horse! If that’s not bad enough, there are few things worse than this and having to scrape together your pennies at the end of each month just in order to buy the basics. This is guaranteed to make you put on a long face and feel sorry for yourself so is there anything you can do to make things better and let you spend yourself happy instead?

I would never suggest that you take a frivolous attitude to your finances but wouldn’t it feel great to splash out a bit now and then? I only ask because I have been taking this approach for the last year or so and I have found that I no longer mope around with a long face while I am waiting for my wages to reach my bank account. With the help of internet payday loan lenders I borrow a little cash and look to spend myself happy.

Take a Trip

The first time I told my colleagues at work that I was going away for a last minute weekend break at the end of the month they thought I had gone mad. They knew that I always struggled to make ends meet each month and they were used to seeing me unwrap a feeble sandwich for my lunch in the week before payday. Nevertheless, I decided one month to treat my partner to a trip to the Lake District. It was a reasonable price because it was off season but even so, without using the services of payday loan lenders I could never have afforded it. We had a wonderful time and when we got back home my wages were sitting in my bank account, so it felt as though it had been a painless month as regards to the cash. Now I can’t wait until our next trip away as it definitely helped me recharge my batteries for the rest of the year.

Buy Some New Clothes

I love buying new clothes but sometimes I need to wait a few months before being able to afford the item I want to buy. A friend pointed out to me a while ago that my favourite work suit was getting a little bit too shiny and that it was time to change it. It looked impossible for me to be able to do this but I started to become really self-conscious about my shiny suit and it was making me feel bad. Eventually I decided to split the cost over two month’s wages and get the money from one of the payday loan lenders so that I didn’t have to save up for it. It turned out to be a great decision and my new suit looks great as well as being not at all shiny. Now I can strut into work very happy with my smart new suit on and feel good about how I look.

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Fix the Car

When you buy an old banger you need to expect some problems but I never thought that my car would cause me as much grief as it does. It seems to break down when I can least afford to fix it. Just last month some part of other decided to break a week before payday. I had already put on my long face and resigned myself to walking to work for the foreseeable future but the mechanic gave me a pleasant surprise when he said that it was going to be a lot less expensive than I had feared. Even so, I didn’t have sort of money in my bank account so close to payday. Walking to work is a real pain, as I need to walk alongside a busy, noisy motorway and then up the kind of hill which makes your legs aches for a week afterwards. The public transport options around my way are even worse and involve doing a tour of the whole city before being dropped 20 minutes from my office. In the end I decided to borrow the money and get the car fixed once and for all. It turned out to be a great decision as there is nothing better than sitting in your car and heading to work without any fuss.

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