Pain and Suffering: How Much Money Will I Get and How is it Calculated?

If you have been injured because of an accident from someone else’s negligence, you may have reason to sue that person in court and be awarded compensation for your condition. As your case progresses, you may wonder how much money you could be awarded and what factor the judge or jury will consider if they decide in your favor. Each lawsuit is unique and has different variables that could sway the outcome. Even so, judges and juries examine common elements that could influence how much money you will be awarded.

Physical Pain and Mental Suffering

As they weigh your case, the judge or jury will consider how much physical and mental anguish you suffered after your injury. If your injury has caused you to be dependent on pain medications in order to carry out your daily tasks, resulted in disfiguring scars or burns, or made going out in public impossible, the court will take these factors into consideration and possibly award you compensation. Most judges and juries sympathize with victims whose lives have been altered because of personal injuries caused by accidents or negligence. Whether you ask a New Mexico or a New Hampshire personal injury attorney, they will explain how clients may also receive compensation for loss of enjoyment in their life, or the client’s ability to enjoy their life as they had before the accident.

Loss of Wages

Your case may be settled in your favor if you have lost your ability to earn an income and support yourself. If you have had to quit your job, work fewer hours, or take a lesser paying job, your loss of wages could be taken into consideration.  The court may award you enough money to compensate for this loss of income in a bid to help you become more financially stable.

Loss of Future Earnings

Likewise, if doctors and therapists agree that you have little chance at earning an income in the future, the judge or jury might use this information to determine how much money will be needed for you to support yourself and your family in the future. They may base their decision on how much you were earning and how much it took to support your household while you were working. The court may sympathize that you have lost the ability to remain self-sufficient in the future because of circumstances beyond your control.

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Expenses from Being Hospitalized and Treatments

If your injury caused you to be hospitalized or undergo expensive treatments, the court could award you the money to cover these expenses. Even if you have insurance that covers most of your doctors’ bills, the judge or jury may recognize that you and your insurer would not have had to face these expenses were it not for the defendant’s negligence.  Likewise, they may appreciate that if you are not awarded sufficient compensation; you could experience financial difficulties and perhaps be forced to file for bankruptcy. Rather than add to your burden, the court may award you enough money to pay for past and future medical treatments.

Punitive Damages

In addition to awarding you money to help you recover from your injury, the court may settle the case in your favor with punitive damages. If the court finds that the defendant acted with malice and intentionally wanted to hurt you, the judge or jury could award you punitive damages. These damages are designed to punish the defendant with monetary means.

Each injury case is different and is decided based on a variety of factors. However, the court will consider various details to determine to how much money you are entitled in your settlement.

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