Penalties for Drug Trafficking Is Severe

In recent times numerous people are arrested inMiamifor trafficking marijuana.USstate law prohibits manufacture, possession, dispense, export, import and distribution of controlled substances like marijuana. Trafficking of marijuana is a punishable offence and the charges if established will lead to heavy penalty or imprisonment.

Possessing even a small amount of marijuana is crime. Law officer will conclude that you have intention to distribute. Penalties depend on the amount of marijuana but can be severe if the convict is caught selling marijuana in front of school or to minors.

In extreme cases death penalties are also not unnatural. You can be involved in such a case mistakenably. It is important to contact an experienced attorney immediately. It will be of no use to make an effort to convince the law officers about your innocence. Moreover, such arguments can only worsen your case.

Appoint one of the several Miami criminal attorneys proficient in dealing with drug cases. A skilled lawyer will collect necessary information to save you from these false charges. Drug cases are really tough and cannot be defended without proper knowledge. So, before you appoint a lawyer be sure that he has adequate skills to deal with these cases.

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