Possible Rights of Father in Child Custody Case

Child custody is a serious matter and couples waiting for divorce have to decide over child custody and support. Most of the time father of the child is not aware of his legal rights. Parenting opportunities for father have expanded significantly as most of the mothers are working. Previously, mothers are granted custody and fathers are not considered at the time of delineating custody as they are not expected to play a significant part in child’s life. But now the fathers are interested to establish a meaningful relationship with their child and hence interested in custody. Pennsylvania laws ensure that your right as a father is protected throughout marriage termination process.

If you are facing a situation where you are alienated from your child or your wife has send you a legal notice about relocating the child- you have to consult a family lawyer.

A lawyer will develop strategies that will best suit your needs and your child’s needs to deal with complex and stressful issues related to divorce, custody, property division and support. Lawyer will work with you and find out a way if you want to keep the child with you. You have to understand father’s rights in Pennsylvania to find out a solid strategy to achieve your goal.

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