Practical Ideas For Fundraising

Everyone has heard of or directly experienced cookie-drives during their middle-school (and above) years; with high-school students around the country often using the proceeds to fund their senior prom or pre-graduation trip. The fact is, there are many not-so-common ways to infuse a bit more novelty into the act of charitable giving, and many companies have either inspired or followed the example of Yoel Wazana’s recycled ink-toner fundraising efforts to help an institution in need:

  • Golf-tournaments involving corporate employees and celebrities have been used to raise money for hurricane victims such as the most recent catastrophe with hurricane Sandy. Such venues are virtually guaranteed to bring out the masses of the more fortunate, whose in-game expenditures go a long way to providing some much-needed relief to residents of the stricken areas many of who were without homes.
  • Another option is looking up the people at ABC Fundraising, where there are so many tailor-made ideas for raising capital for charitable causes. From the standard chocolate bar fundraising efforts, to the more unique flower drives for beautifying a local community (it’s also possible to ask around at the local flower shops for donations of shelf-bound flowers, etc). This kind of venue eliminates any associated start-up costs, although the price is probably made up by buying bulk items for the fundraising effort, itself.
  • And of course, a large and famous like Habitat for Humanity can be done on a local scale, although it will likely lack the celebrities that have brought so much success to the campaign. Nonetheless, using the online space and some local search marketing, a smaller-scale disadvantaged house-building effort could corral a lot of financial support from donations.
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The explosive relevance of the web today indeed; most companies and organizations don’t even consider a marketing plan that doesn’t feature an innovative way to take advantage of landing pages and web services has shifted many fund raising efforts to primarily the online space. This, in fact, has opened up the previously cluttered offline space to novel ideas and techniques for bringing charitable causes before the eyes of the public such as in the cases of New Jersey Car Shows for the children of St. Jude’s Hospital, or idea of Yoel Wazana to gather and recycle ink toner and use the proceeds to fund youth soccer clubs. These have led to a refreshing explosion of ideas for recruiting advocates and all-too-important fund-raising ventures, which are often central to the continued existence of beneficial programs and causes.

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