Proving My Case With My Dallas Auto Accident Attorney

My Dallas Auto Accident Attorney

You should retain a Dallas auto accident attorney if your case has come down to “he said, she said.” In these instances, your attorney will have to dig further into your case to find evidence to support your claim. Although you can do this, it may easier for an attorney to do it. There are several factors that your attorney will use to rely on to prove that the other driver was more than likely responsible for the accident.

The credibility of each driver is important in a case such as this. Your Dallas auto accident attorney will try to show that the other driver’s credibility is lacking which could have an influence on how a judge and jury views him. For instance, your attorney will review the past testimony of the defendant to determine if his version of the events has remained consistent through the whole process. Did the defendant tell the police officer on the scene the same story he did to an attorney during a deposition?

Your Dallas auto accident attorney may perform a criminal check on the defendant. If he has a questionable background, this can be used to damage his credibility. The attorney may even question whether or not the version of events that the defendant has presented is even plausible. He may use a accident reconstructionist or investigator to cast doubt on his story. The defendant’s attitude and demeanor will also have a bearing on his credibility.

What the witnesses have to say about the case is also important. In fact, they may provide the most important piece of evidence that you have to prove your version of events. Witnesses are considered to be unbiased because they will not benefit from either side winning. The more witnesses you have that can back up your version of the events, the better for your case.

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It is important that you try to obtain the names and contact information for each witness. Do not contact them yourselves. Let your attorney do this. This way you can avoid any accusations that you influenced their testimony.

The physical evidence of a case can help your Dallas auto accident attorney show who was really at fault. Evidence such as pictures and videos can help a jury visualize how an accident occurred and who would be more likely to be responsible for it. If you have solid physical evidence to back up your claim, a jury is more likely to side with you than the defendant.

It is because of the importance of physical evidence to your case that it is imperative that you gather it as soon as you can. Do not wait to take pictures or videos of your car, the accident scene, and your injuries. All of the pictures should be taken immediately following the accident. Also take pictures of the area in which the accident occurred. If you are hurt and unable to take the pictures yourself, have a friend or family member do it for you.

The police report will be one of the final pieces of evidence that your attorney will use to discredit the defendant. The police report will usually contain statements from both drivers and witnesses to the accident. If the police officer feels that he knows who is responsible, he will note this in the report. The report will also include any information on citations that either party received. If the defendant was ticketed for the accident and you were not, this will go a long way towards showing that you are not responsible. Provide your attorney with the document as soon as it is available.

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