Reasons You Might End Up In Court

One of the most popular genres in Hollywood today is the legal thriller. Almost any night of the week you can turn on nearly any channel and find shows in the genre. Popular legal shows include The Good Wife, CSI, and the many Law and Order Series which bring viewers into the courtroom. Regardless of how entertaining Hollywood makes this particular genre, very few people ever want to end up in court in real life. However, there are times when the legal process cannot be ignored. These situations can vary from person to person and situation to situation.

Criminal litigation

One of the most common reasons people become involved with the legal system is because they have been accused of a crime. Once someone becomes involved in this type of litigation, there are certain rights afforded to them regardless of the severity of the crime. One of those rights is guaranteed by the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution, the right to due process. This right guarantees no one can incriminate themselves twice for the same crime.

Civil litigation

Civil lawsuits are perhaps the second biggest reason a person can find themselves in court. Being named in a civil lawsuit does not mean a crime was committed. However, it does mean there is a legal dispute to be settled between two parties. These parties can be individuals, individuals vs. corporations, and even states or other localities vs. corporations. They can range from domestic cases such as divorce to class action litigation.

Any interesting class action suit is currently under way in Canada where a Calgary law firm is suing the Canadian federal government over student privacy. This suit stems from an incident last November when student loan data was placed on an extra hard drive that later disappeared.

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Commercial litigation

As it implies, this type of litigation involves any business related matter. Examples of commercial litigation cases include, but are not limited to:

– Breaches of contract

– Employment disputes

– Debt collection

– Franchise issues

All cases involved in this type of litigation are covered under business law. These laws will differ on a state by state basis. If you or someone you know becomes involved in this type of case be sure that you are aware all of your state’s position on your situation.

As you can see there are a variety of reasons you may find yourself inside of a courtroom. The key to success in court is knowing the laws of your area and how they apply to your situation.

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