Rebuilding Your Broken Life After a Highway Trauma

Being involved in an automobile accident is something that no one ever expects when walking out their front door in the morning. The fact that there are around 30,000 motor vehicle related fatalities every year blows this assumption out of the water. Sadly, these deaths are but a fraction of the accidents that occur on America’s streets every single year. When a person is involved in one of these incidents, the metaphorical road ahead can be a difficult one, but each of the following hurdles can be overcome with the appropriate proactive measures.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is a major hurdle that just about everyone involved in a serious car accident will have to face. This should be sought immediately. If it isn’t, an insurer can later claim that any injuries sustained may have occurred after the actual accident. Additionally, even seemingly minor accidents, when left untreated, can turn into serious or permanent injuries.

This should be an action taken, even by those who don’t have health insurance. Emergency rooms are required to treat injured individuals, and once a person reaches a settlement with the insurer of the at-fault driver, they should be able to easily pay these bills.


Unfortunately, immediate medical attention isn’t always the end of a person’s medical woes. In many instances, a seriously injured individual will have to undergo physical therapy or some other form of rehabilitation. Once again, however, this constitutes a medical cost that the at-fault driver’s insurer will most likely have to cover.

Dealing with Insurer

One of the biggest difficulties that a person faces after an accident is dealing with insurers. Insurance adjusters are in the business of saving money, so it’s not likely that they’ll immediately offer a fair settlement. In addition, they’ll probably try to get a statement from the victim and ask them leading questions which could hinder their ability to recover fair compensation.

This is why anyone seriously injured in a car accident should immediately speak with an attorney. The victim can then refer the insurer to their lawyer whenever they try to take a statement, and the legal professional can often ensure that all of a person’s related costs are covered. While an attorney isn’t necessary in every accident, such as minor fender benders that result in no serious injuries, they are basically essential if a person hopes to remain financially stable after a serious wreck.

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Auto Repairs

Auto repairs are another difficulty that a person faces after an accident, and the collision doesn’t even have to be serious for this hurdle to arise. Fortunately, an individual can usually get an insurer to cover a rental car while theirs is being repaired or replaced. This can sometimes be handled without an attorney, but if the damage is substantial or the insurer tries to make filing the claim difficult, a legal professional should at least be consulted.

Potential Need for Counseling

Sadly, physical and financial scars aren’t the only ones left after an accident. Some people actually suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety disorders after a serious wreck. Many people can’t even force themselves back into a car afterward. This can affect every part of their lives, and this includes the one aspect that could help them pull through quicker: their social life. Fortunately, counselors can really help in these situations, and since the cost would be related to the car accident, a fair settlement will even include compensation for these charges.

Handling all of the necessities after a serious auto collision can be an extremely stressful situation, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of a person’s life as they know it. In all likelihood, a person injured through another individual’s negligence will be entitled to compensation that can assist with the majority of the aforementioned hurdles. This is why it’s so essential to fight for one’s rights after an accident, and this is the case regardless of the physical or emotional toll that the actual collision took on them.

As part of her research for this article, LaGeris Underwood Bell found much useful information to help car accident victims work through resulting issues. She watched videos about physical rehabilitation, mental health counseling, and this one at, about the legal aspects of an accident.

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