Requirements for Canadian Work Visas for Americans

Few nations in the world have such open borders and agreements as Canada and the United States does. Dual citizenship between the two nations is quite common and not in any way restricted. Many corporations operate offices on either side of the border and facilitate the exchange of employees from one side to the other. Since the Canadian economy has handled the global financial crisis far better than America, the opportunities across the border may seem quite compelling. Any American citizen interested in pursuing employment in Canada, whether short or long term, should know about the requirements for Canadian Work Visas for Americans. This could be done by consulting an immigration lawyer to hasten up the process.

What an American Can Do

Many Americans would be capable of qualifying for the Canada Immigration Visa that gives them permanent residency and access to some social programs, including medical care. These Americans need to prove that they are either a skilled worker or have business opportunities to pursue in Canada, needing to fall under one of two categories for Canadian immigration. Though these policies are flexible, they do not permit unskilled laborers to enter Canada and begin employment unless there are specific documents from a business proving that they would have a position ready.

What Residency Means

Permanent residence, as the name suggests, allows a foreigner to live in Canada for the duration of their choosing, passing back and forth between America and Canada at their leisure. After three years, a resident is capable of becoming a full Canadian citizen, meaning they would be eligible for the entirety of the nation’s social services and issued a passport they could use to travel around the globe (including Cuba, which an American passport could not gain direct access to). There are no limits by either the American or the Canadian government on pursuing dual citizenship.

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NAFTA and Work Agreements

Since the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in the 1990s, Americans and Canadians have crossed borders in order to pursue work and profits. Americans are capable of using the NAFTA agreement to gain short-term entry into Canada with a minimum of red tape. Americans can either find work or start their own Canadian business. Under certain circumstances (such as being able to prove that you are looking to invest a large sum of money in a Canadian enterprise), it is possible to greatly speed up the process to entry and residency.

The Process of Working in Canada

Though Americans do not need a visa to travel to or work in Canada, they will need to fill out a number of forms, including their background, proof of citizenship, schedule for residency, and family information. Canadian offices in the United States can both provide and accept these forms. The migration process can be greatly improved by retaining the services of immigration lawyers, even if you have few barriers to working in Canada. Immigration lawyers have worked with Americans before to smooth the path to employment and can provide insight and legal advice that will facilitate the transfer of paperwork and titles.

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