Securing Yourself from DUI Charge

Driving under the Influence (DUI)

This is a common enough term. Almost everyone is familiar with this. DUI stands for the driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is a traffic rule. According to this law, you may get arrested and detained in case you are found guilty of breaking this law.

Prescribed Drugs

Do not be under any misconception and think that the law enforcers will spare you only if you drive after consuming illegal drugs. Doctor’s prescribed drugs can get you arrested too. The reason is, some of the drugs make the consumers dizzy and driving in this state can be risky.

BAC – Blood Alcohol Content Rate

In Florida, to be charged with DUI, your BAC should be higher than 0.08%. However, sometimes driving impairment can get you arrested for this charge. Driving impairment refers to all kinds of driving misconducts – speeding, driving too slow, hesitating while circling a corner, jumping traffic lights and not throwing beer bottles out of the window.

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Your driving license may get suspended in case you are convicted for DUI. You may have to pay fine. You may even have to go to jail for committing this offense. The penalties may increase in case there was a minor inside the car with you.

Legal Help

You will require a competent attorney to help you in this situation. Get in touch with experienced Miami DUI attorneys and ask them review your case. They will be able to provide you with proper legal guidance.

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