Seeking Legal Help for a Criminal Charge that Affects Your Immigrant Status

When you are a lawful permanent resident of the US, and wish to obtain the US residency status, you need to follow certain legal directives. However, getting this may become difficult if your records show a criminal conviction. If a lawful permanent resident is facing criminal charges, it is essential for him/her to seek legal aid.

Which crimes may lead to immigration and citizenship related problems? Numerous criminal activities may make it difficult for you to obtain residency status. Any crime involving controlled substances is a serious offense. Whether it is possession or trafficking, if convicted this may lead to difficulties in the immigration proceedings.

Any crime involving moral turpitude is also a possible ground for barring someone from getting US residency. Some examples include murder, aggravated assault, sexual offenses, fraud, counterfeiting, and domestic violence. It is better not to try dealing with such matters on your own.

If the crime was within 5 years from the beginning of your residence in the US and the sentence included a prison term of more than 180 days, it may even lead to your deportation and removal from the country. This is the reason you had better get in touch with a criminal attorney to prepare a defense plan before anything else.

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Your attorney has sound legal knowledge about the impact of criminal laws, and conviction, on lawful permanent residents. The lack of this knowledge makes it even more essential that you choose a competent attorney for your defense.

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