Some Money Saving Tips for the Winter

The winter is definitely not without its trials and tribulations. Cold weather is combined with shorter days, while the darkness of mornings seem to instil within us a sombre mood while waking up. It can also be a period where one’s finances hit a yearly low. Unlike the summer which sees us lavishing money on luxuries, in the winter, necessities rack up our living costs. It is therefore vital that we be particularly prudent with our finances during this rigid season and here are some tips on how to do just that.

Use Heaters with Caution

Electronic heaters and central heating systems hold immense money draining capabilities and we must therefore be diligent concerning their uses.

The greatest piece of advice regarding heaters is to never sit too close to them while they’re on. Heaters are rather addictive companions and the more you indulge yourself directly in their radiating warmth, the more you will come to rely on them and feel cold when they’re turned off.

And so, it is advisable to keep a level of distance between yourself and a heater, while never allowing hot air fans to directly blow on your body. You can also simply warm up a room before entering, thereby allowing you to escape the clutches of a heater’s power.

Wear More Clothes

Another piece of advice that’ll help you use heaters a lot less is to just wear a lot of clothes. It isn’t rocket science. Rather than needing your heating system to stay on all day in order for you to keep warm, while only wearing a t-shirt or thin jumper; why not just add on more layers of clothing. It’s certainly the cheaper option.

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Seek Tax Refunds

This is a piece of advice that really ought to be adhered to all throughout the year; however winters tend to be homely periods and thus afford you the time to sit indoors and go through your tax calculations.

When doing so, ensure that you are receiving all that’s entitled to you in tax refunds and be particularly weary of overspending on Income Tax.

Specialist companies such as RIFT are trained to do this for you, if you’re not particularly good at maths.

Eat for Warmth

One way of combating the winter’s bitter coldness is by eating the right foods to keep you warm. Have lots of foods containing brown fat, while soups and porridges always go down a treat.

You will also want to note that alcohol will make you feel colder.

By changing your diet you may need your costly heating system a lot less and therefore save bundles of money.

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